angieb-biopic-e1525497119759.jpgMy name is Angie Baldelomar Pinto. Yes, I have two last names and not connected by a hyphen. I only use Baldelomar in my bylines, however, to avoid any confusion. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, with a news and information emphasis, as well as in Film and Media Studies, with emphasis on film production, from the University of Kansas.

I now write for Dos Mundos Bilingual Newspaper in the Kansas City area. I write everything from local news to entertainment pieces.

The summer between my sophomore and my junior year, I was an intern at The Oberlin Herald, a weekly newspaper in Oberlin, Kan., that covers the whole Decatur County area. I worked there as a full-time reporter, covering and writing a variety of stories, from city council meetings to election coverage. I also took photographs and designed pages.

The summer between my junior and senior year, I worked as a full time reporter for the University Daily Kansan covering the arrival of a new chancellor and the arrival of concealed carry on college campus. I worked for the University Daily Kansan for two years.

During my last year, I also worked as an art and culture reporter for KJHK, the student-run station at the University of Kansas, where I produced podcasts on a variety of topics.

In this website, you will find my work (or links to my work) as a student journalist.

My work related to films and film production can be foundĀ here.

Find me onĀ LinkedIn

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