Voters change commissioners

By Angie Baldelomar

Former city leader wins primary ballot

First-time candidate Karen Larson apparently beat incumbent Sid Metcalf for the 2nd District county commissioner’s seat in the Republican primary election Tuesday.

The unofficial results gave her a 14-vote advantage over Mr. Metcalf, 156 votes to 142.

Since no Democrat filed for the office, Mrs. Larson, a former Oberlin city administrator, stands to be without opposition in the general election this fall if her margin holds up. The race could be affected by provisional ballots which might be counted during the canvas of the votes by county commissioners Monday.

Mr. Metcalf was looking for a second term as a commissioner after upsetting long-time incumbent Ralph Unger four years ago.

“I feel very humble and honored to have secured the majority of votes,” Mrs. Larson said. “Thank you all who voted for me.”

Long-time sheriff hangs on to his job

Long-time Sheriff Ken Badsky secured another term in the office by defeating former Deputy Bret Marietta in the Republican primary election on Tuesday.

The final results gave Mr. Badsky 490 votes to 403 for Mr. Marietta.

Mr. Badsky won in Dresden and Oberlin, carrying both city precincts, while Mr. Marietta won in Jennings and Norcatur and got the lead in the advance vote.

He noted that he never carries either Jennings or Norcatur.

The Oberlin Herald was unable to reach either Mr. Badsky or Mr. Marietta for comment on the results.

Mr. Badsky, who has been sheriff for 32 years now, will serve his ninth term in the position. He said that only two of the sheriff’s elected in 1984 beside him are still in office, and both are retiring when their terms expire in January.

“This will probably be my last election,” he said.

Deputy to move up into clerk’s position

Decatur County Deputy Clerk Nora Urban defeated newcomer Brandi Diederich for the county clerk’s position in Republican primary voting on Tuesday.

The final results were 584 votes for Mrs. Urban, who has worked at the clerk’s office for more than a decade, and 296 for Ms. Diederich, a Decatur Community High School graduate who hoped to move back home to take the job.

Mrs. Urban will serve her first term as a county clerk, replacing Colleen Geihsler, who is stepping down at the end of her term.

“Eleven years,” the winner said, nearly done with a long night of vote counting. “I hope I’ve learned something by now.”

“I enjoy what I do. I am happy to continue serving Decatur County. As I said at the (candidate) forum, there’s always room for improvement, but a lot of what we do is dictated by the state.”

The story was published on the front page of The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on August 3, 2016.


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