Groups hope to hire marketer

By Angie Baldelomar

The Oberlin Convention and Visitors Bureau board decided to partner with the Last Indian Raid Museum to hire a marketing manager during its meeting Thursday.

One of the biggest issues since the idea of hiring someone to develop and implement marketing initiatives for the city was brought up a couple of meetings ago was whether the person should work on an independent contract or on someone’s payroll.

After member Lisa Votapka went to the City Council to report on the board’s plans, City Attorney Steve Hirsch suggested not using the independent contractor route because the position did not offer specific duties.

The city does not have the space to have the person work at the city office, City Treasurer and bureau member Steve Zodrow said.

Bureau President Gary Anderson said he had gone to the Economic Development Corporation’s board to discuss whether that agency would put the marking person on its payroll system. However, board members were not sure if they would have time to supervise someone. One member, Mr. Anderson said, suggested the museum as an alternative.

He said he spoke with museum Director Sharleen Wurm, also treasurer of the bureau, and Dick Carman, museum treasurer, about the idea. They said they thought the museum could do that, but they would have to discuss it with the museum board first.

Mrs. Wurm said the museum has the space needed for the person to work there. Mr. Anderson said whoever they hire could work eight to 10 hours a week for the museum as a way of covering the rent. Mrs. Wurm agreed with the idea.

She said she would bring the issue to the next museum board meeting.

The bureau board members agreed this seemed to be the most viable choice. The museum would pay the person and the bureau would reimburse the museum, they agreed.

The board decided that if the museum board members accepted the idea in its meeting next Tuesday, they would start advertising the position.

In other business, the board:

•Heard Mr. Anderson report the bureau has received a $3,500 Dane Hansen Community Grant to pay for part of the television segment about Oberlin for the Smoky Hills Public Television show “Traveling Kansas.”

• Heard members report positive feedback on the state tourism seminar last month. Mrs. Wurm said it had gone well, and those who attended learned a lot, but that they needed the marketing person to put some ideas into effect.

• Heard Mrs. Votapka suggest board members get name tags to wear during activities.

The story was published on the front page of The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on August 3, 2016.


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