Experience key to candidate

By Angie Baldelomar

After 11 years working at the Decatur County clerk’s office, Nora Urban is running for county clerk in the Republican primary election.

Mrs. Urban, raised in Oberlin, said she worked three years as an office clerk and eight years as deputy clerk before deciding to run for the job when her boss, Colleen Geihsler, decided to retire this year. She and her husband, Bill, moved back to Oberlin to raise their family. They have three children.

Besides her job as a deputy clerk, she said, she is going to college online to get a business and accounting degree.

Mrs. Urban said a lot of what the county clerk’s office does is dictated by state law and state-set deadlines, so it is about getting things done as needed, which is why she believes the experience is necessary.

“I think it is necessary to have some kind of knowledge or experience to do the job,” she said.

One of her goals, if elected, she said, is to look for ways to enhance the services the office provides.

“The biggest thing would be finding ways to better serve the people in our community,” she said, “maybe adding activities or improving in the services we already provide.”

Helping the commissioners with the budget is one of the jobs a county clerk performs. Mrs. Urban said the advice she would give to the commissioners is to take the time to step back and look at what has already been budgeted.

“In that way, they can see where there can be some adjustments made,” she said. “That way they won’t overlook things needing to be addressed.”

Above all, she says, she wants to keep helping the community.

“I’ve enjoyed 11 years of serving as a county clerk,” she said, “and I want to continue in it and improve on what’s already being done.”

This story was published on page 3A (County Primary) on The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on July 13, 2016.


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