Commissioner going for re-election

By Angie Baldelomar

Four years ago, Sid Metcalf won his first contest for public office, running against an incumbent county commissioner. Now, he is running for re-election as commissioner for District 2.

“It takes a full term to figure out what you do,” he said. “Now, I’m in a place where I’ll be doing more good.”

Mr. Metcalf, born and raised in rural Oberlin, said he studied two years at Fort Hays State University before deciding to do military service for another two years. He and his wife Cheryl will celebrate their 50th anniversary this December, he said. The couple has three grown sons.

As a commissioner, he said, he works closely with federal and state agencies. The board oversees all county departments other than those headed by elected officials. That includes the road department, which he said does “an amazing job” of keeping roads and bridges in a good state.

Mr. Metcalf, a Republican, said the commission is constantly working to maintain the infrastructure of the county. Other issues they are dealing with right now include working with hospital board and administrators to save the hospital.

The recycling program has also been a recurrent topic in recent commissioners’ meetings.

“We’re not advocating with doing away with recycling altogether,” he said. “We’re just looking for different avenues.”

The current recycling program is getting to a place where it has become a financial burden, he said, with the price going up from $4 per person a year to $10. He said the commissioners do not want to just drop it, he said, because they know how important people think recycling is.

The commission’s desire to have more authority over how the money is spent is the main reason why the board is thinking of pulling out of the Twins Creek Extension District, he said. However, Mr. Metcalf said, that does not mean they are advocating for getting away from the the Extension program.

“The issue is that we don’t have any say on it,” he said.

Mr. Metcalf, a retired farmer, said he decided to run for commissioner after a number of people asked him to do it. He said he enjoys what he is doing as a commissioner.

“It’s mostly common sense,” he said, “and taking one thing at a time and dealing with it.”

This story was published on page 3A (County Primary) on The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on July 13, 2016.


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