Visitors Bureau to promote city with TV series

By Angie Baldelomar

The Oberlin Convention and Visitors Bureau board decided during its June meeting at the LandMark Inn on Thursday to pay for a television segment about Oberlin as part of a series on Kansas towns.

The initiative, proposed by Economic Development Director Shayla Williby, had been discussed at the May meeting, when it was decided that the board would apply for a $5,000 Hansen Foundation Community Grant to help pay for the program.

The show, called “Traveling Kansas,” is produced by Smoky Hills Public Television. It provides insight into some of the tourist sites in western Kansas in 30-minute segments per city.

Wayne Roberts, Smoky Hills representative, explained more about the show, the total cost and production of the show. The board agreed it was a great opportunity to attract more people to Oberlin. Members also liked the idea that the video would be theirs to use once it was released. They saw it as a way to keep promoting the city and its tourist attractions.

Mr. Roberts said the stories are told by local people, focusing on the strengths of the community. The show will run eight times during a 12-month period, then be uploaded to the Smoky Hills website and youtube page. He said the show will start a new season this Thursday featuring the cities of Colby, Goodland, Liberal and Abilene.

The television network covers 71 counties in western and central Kansas, including the Wichita and Hutchinson areas.

Producing this segment will cost around $7,500, said Mr. Roberts, though the cost tends to vary.

Mrs. Williby said they won’t hear back from the grant proposal until August, and they may have to wait until September if the grant board decides to postpone it.

Chairman Gary Anderson asked if a lower amount might increase their chances of getting the grant. Mrs. Williby said that was possible, so Mr. Anderson proposed to lower the amount for the grant to $3,500, with the board to pay for the rest. The board approved this motion.

In other business, the board:

• Approved Mrs. Williby’s proposal to hire Subway to provide lunch for the participants of a Kansas Department of Tourism “road show” meeting at The Gateway on Tuesday, July 19. She said they expect around 50 people. The board also decided to ask for permission to set everything up the night before.

• Accepted two designs from four presented for a logo to be used on a new “Welcome to the city” sign, along with new “wayfinding” signs. The board decided to ask for different background color options before settling on a final design. Commercial Sign is in charge of the designs and the installation.

• Agreed to go to the City Council meeting Thursday to talk about the board’s plans regarding hiring a marketing manager for the city. The position will be part-time, and the person hired should have a flexible schedule, members said.

This story was published on page 3 of The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on July 6, 2016.


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