Library will get restrooms

By Angie Baldelomar

The Oberlin City Library will soon have accessible restrooms for people with disabilities on the main floor of the library.

Former library director Jeannie Lavers said the library received a Dane G. Hansen Foundation grant of $27,000, allowing it to jump into an endeavor that started almost two years ago.

“In the past couple of years,” she said, “we have started a remodeling process to make the library more accessible to everyone in the community.”

The library has received a lot of help to make these changes possible, she added.

Aside from the construction of new restrooms on the second floor, Mrs. Lavers said, they also plan to install automatic entry doors and a new carpet. The carpet project is scheduled to start in August, while the restroom project is scheduled to start in September, she said.

“Our goal is to be totally done by Christmas,” Mrs. Lavers said.

Dave Olson, library board president, said that given the amount of activities the library holds, the board has wanted to make the place as accessible as possible for people with disabilities and the rest of the community for a long time. This is an important step towards achieving that goal, he said.

Mr. Olson also said that they are thankful to the Hansen Foundation for approving the grant that will allow them to finish the project.

“We’re grateful to them for supporting the library and supporting the community,” he said.

Both Mrs. Lavers and Mr. Olson said they were also grateful to the Friends of the Oberlin Libraries group, which is helping with the project, and that without its support, the library could not be as successful as it is.

This story was published on the front page of The Oberlin Herald‘s print edition on July 06, 2016.


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